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New clients can experience a 30 minute LV chair massage for $35.



Swedish Massage

Soft gliding strokes that uses soft pressure to manipulate tissues

Back Massage.
Shiatsu Massage

Thumb pressure on acupuncture pressure points to relieve tension

Deep-Tissue Massage

Deep gliding strokes that uses hard pressure to manipulate tissues

Thai Massage

Combination of deep tissue massage with back walking, palm pressing, and stretching

Hot Stone Massage

Black heated stone rubbed with oil to help blood circulation and for pain relief

Foot Massage
Foot Massage

Target foot pressure points to restore the flow of energy throughout body.

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Swedish - Shiatsu - Ashiatsu - Deep tissue - Thai - CBD - Hot Stone - Stretching - Trigger Point - Reflexology - Prenatal - Sports Therapy - Lomi Lomi - Professional Scratcher - Facial - Chair - Cupping - Lymphatic - Aromatherapy - Vacuum Cupping Therapy (coming soon) - Acupuncture (coming soon) - Botox (coming soon)

Pain Won't Go Away?

Give massage a chance.
Sciatica Pain - Musculoskeletal - Sports Injury - Car Injury - Fibromyalgia - Tennis Elbow - Carpal Tunnel - Migraines - Lower/Upper Back Pain - Lower/Upper Back Stiffness - Tight Muscles - Postoperative Pain - Pregnancy - Sleep Problems - Osteoarthritis
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See what others say about us.
Chris Welch
Chris Welch
Angel is amazing and did such a wonderful job. I will definitely be back soon.
R Ayala
R Ayala
Staff here is amazing. All therapist are profesional and great. Today ANGEL helped me with all my aches and pains, very unique style if I may say so.
Lilian Kamau
Lilian Kamau
I went there on a Sunday evening. Got a deep tissue massage from Tida and lemme tell you she DELIVERED!! My upper back was really knotted and body was so sore and walked out of there feeling brand new. Best massage I have had. She went way beyond. However I have gotten massages from a few other ladies and they are really good as well. Highly recommend this place.
Rachel Sims
Rachel Sims
ANGEL IS A LIFE SAVER! I pinched my sciatica and pulled a muscle and couldn't walk. She not only took the time to help me but she spent two hours to ensure that when I left I was able to have mobility and wasn't in pain. She was so knowledgeable and she has literally saved my back. SHE IS WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! Best massage I've pretty much ever had on top of the fact I'm no longer in pain. Crying walking in and smiles walking out. If you have any injury see Angel! Seriously lifesaver!
jaewon jang
jaewon jang
Wonderful massage! Had discomfort in upper right back after workouts. All gone and the body feels super light. Posture is straightened up and feel few inches taller too. Will definitely be coming back to loosen the body in between workout sessions!
Keenen Holmes
Keenen Holmes
Yes I’m a marathon runner, and I had an event the next day, and my legs were just tight, and Lisa was my masseuse, and she made my legs feel brand new! No more tightness she did an amazing job, and ensured I was ok during the session, it was the best massage I ever got, and I did good on my event, I definitely will be returning:)
Chanda Washington
Chanda Washington
My husband and I go no where else! Angel at LV Massage is top notch! She is great at technique and knowledge sharing. I recommend LV Massage and if possible, do your best to book with Angel.
Marla West
Marla West
I had never had a Thai massage and I can Truly say I’ve had a lot of massages but this one was by far the best actually felt like it really worked for me and the pain I have been having !!! I was very happy I found this place ~ atmosphere really good also , friendly people
Steven Friedman
Steven Friedman
Excellent experience with Lisa. Professional and skilled. Don't usually like massages but this was pain-relieving and relaxing. Will recommend to friends.



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