Lv massage school holds morning and evening traditional Thai massage classes in Fort Worth and Dallas. Our massage instructors are interested in not just showing how to do a Thai massage, but they are invested in making sure you can apply each Thai massage technique correctly with each client. So who is this class for? Are you someone who feels you could add a little bit more technique to your massage knowledge? Then this massage class is for you. Are you someone who feels unsure exactly how to help your client for a certain problem? This massage class is for you. Do you feel you aren't meeting your client's needs? Then this massage class is for you. Are you someone who has always enjoyed receiving Thai massages and wants to give? Then this massage class is for you. Do you keep getting complaints from massage clients? Then this class is for you. Are you someone who wants to learn something, who likes a challenge? This class is for you. Seriously, it's really for anyone, not only an experienced massage therapist. Anyone who wants to challenge themselves to learning something new, different, and is health conscience please consider taking LV's Thai Traditional Massage Classes.
We will not only show you how to do each Thai massage technique, we will give feedbacks each time you practice a massage technique on an instructor. No pain no gain am I right? No more complaints from clients after a massage. No more feeling unsure if this technique is right. No more feeling like you are missing anything anymore. Everyone has different ailments, pain levels, and body types, and it's our job as the massage therapist to know exactly where the pain is coming from and how to address it. As massage therapist, we need to be equipped with the right knowledge and techniques to bring relief to our client's pain. Thai massage is so great because it not only focuses on the body as a whole, but the mind and soul. Learn a proper Thai massage today at LV Massage School in Fort Worth.

Lesson Per Hour

Tradition Thai Massage Lesson
$ 120 90 minutes
  • Flexible Hours
  • 90 minutes of instruction
  • Limit to 1-2 people

Lesson Per Day

Traditional Thai Massage Class
$ 350 day
  • Flexible hours
  • 6 hours of instruction
  • Limit to 5 people

2 Week Intensive

Tradition Thai Massage Class
$ 1000 2 weeks
  • 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Limit to 3 - 5 people
  • 30 minute lunch break
Our instructors not only know how to give the best Thai massage, but they know how to actually teach till you can give the best Thai massage. It is our philosophy here at LV Massage School that practice makes perfect. You can only acquire the skills by practicing over and over again. It's important for us to continue to educate and teach students Thai massage the right way. It doesn't matter what level you are, we teach Thai massage and stretching to anyone at any level.